Foreclosure Defense Services in Moreno Valley CA

Posted by: attymorenovalley on December 30, 2021

foreclosure defense lawyerAre you behind on your mortgage payments after suffering a job loss or an illness? Perhaps you have gone through a divorce and now cannot afford to meet your existing financial obligations. When you miss one mortgage payment, your lender can technically begin the foreclosure process. Still, you have time to do something about it.

If you have suffered a true financial hardship do not be so afraid that you do not seek help. Besides being able to save your home by filing bankruptcy you may also be able to do a loan modification with your lender. You may have to sue your lender if they have done anything illegal or if they have made any mistakes in crediting your payments. If so, you could have the ability to use foreclosure defenses in a court of law and save your home.

Speak to a Moreno Valley CA foreclosure defense attorney. Let them know what your exact circumstances are. They can fight your bank if there is any evidence of a wrongful foreclosure. A good foreclosure defense attorney can determine if you can challenge your creditor based on any mistakes they have made such as crediting payments to the wrong individuals or corporation.

If your bank proceeded to file foreclosure and you were still being evaluated for a foreclosure alternative, you can sue them and challenge that foreclosure. If they miscalculated the amount you would need to bring the mortgage current you may also have a case.

Do not delay. Contact with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney Moreno Valley CA so you can discuss your defenses before it is too late. Time is of the essence. You might have alternatives available to you that can keep you from losing your investment in your home.

Your defense attorney can file a case against your lender and work with you until the entire case is completed and settled. If you cannot or do not have a valid foreclosure defense, they will work with you to find a viable solution.

You might be able to modify your loan so that it is a more affordable loan. Your attorney may be able to work with your lender to lower the principal or the interest rate so that your payments are more affordable.

If a bankruptcy action is best for you, your attorney will help you file all the paperwork correctly. You can be on your way to a better, happier and debt-free life. Contact your professional foreclosure defense attorney now to get a free consultation. You will not be under any obligation to work with them. You will simply find out what your options are so that you can take the steps necessary now towards a better future.

Just because you fall a few months behind on your mortgage does not mean you are doomed to face foreclosure. You have many options. Some of them are defense options which involve filing a court case and others may be getting a modification, selling your home through a short sale, or filing relief through one of the bankruptcy chapters.

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